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Our New Additions and Their Stories

A huge welcome to our latest arrivals that have been keeping us on our toes recently. They join us from all different backgrounds and are now settling into retirement with their new companions. All these retirees are prime examples of why we at The Horse Trust are so passionate about what we do. It’s an absolute honour to be the final home for these hard working horses.

When horses arrive for their much anticipated retirement, it’s for a variety of reasons, some have reached an age where it is no longer viable for them to continue work, some have injuries or have stopped loving their job. The wide open fields, with new friends and twice daily check-ins with our devoted grooms, provide the perfect set up for a long, happy and healthy retirement.

We have been a home of rest for over 135 years, originally providing respite for cab horses working in London, and have continued growing steadily ever since. Today we take in horses from a much wider field and some of our newest friends are who we would like to introduce to you now.

Grace is from the Metropolitan Police, their district covered 32 boroughs within Greater London, with 5 stables for their mounted branch dotted around this area. Grace is a beautiful but cheeky grey that retires after over 18 working years. She is one remarkable horse that does not shy in the face of danger. Her bravery, reliability and length of service led to her being awarded the PDSA Medal for outstanding devotion and service, which is the animal equivalent of an OBE!

The next retirees are Abigale and Gemma, from the DATR (Defence Animal Training Regiment). The DATR are a military unit responsible for training military veterinary staff, farriers, working dogs and of course horses. Gemma has served 15 years and Abigale 19, they went from training riding instructors for show jumping and dressage as well as teaching officer cadets to ride. They then went onto working some of the key ceremonial events and parades over their careers. Both now deserve some rest and relaxation after serving loyally and being extremely steadfast members of the force.

Trotting up next is a friendly cob from Greater Manchester Police, Parker. Their mounted unit typically consists of specialist police officers, grooms, trainers and 35 horses. Parker is more affectionately known as Piggy, because of his little squeal when things aren’t going his way. After 10 years of service and a variety of events under his hooves, it’s time for a quieter life for this handsome chap.

And last but by no means least, is a much-loved carriage driving pony from the Wyfold RDA (Riding for the Disabled), Lucky. The RDA are a charity founded in 1969 that provides therapeutic equine activities for disabled children and adults. Lucky is already dearly missed as this plucky pony spent nine years dutifully driving 12 riders each week and has now joined us to settle into the next phase of his life.

All these horses, remarkable in their own right, have spent their lives dedicating themselves to their careers and now it is time for us to give back to them, with love, care, plenty of relaxing and definitely a carrot or two.

To learn more about any of our wonderful new additions, please click their names in this blog post.

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