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October 2022


DATR/ The Household Cavalry

Herd-mate Gemma!

Abigale Working

Abigale Retired

Sweet natured Abigale’s role with the DATR (Defence Animal Training Regiment) was to train military riding instructors for show jumping and dressage, as well as training officer cadets to ride later in her career. She went on to the final stage of her working life with the Household Division as a charge horse for State Ceremonial Parades.
Some of her shining moments were being the centre horse for Queen Elizabeth II Birthday Parade, taking part in the Major General’s Parade and the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Abigale was extremely reliable, brave and well-behaved making her a valued charger. She has recently developed changes to her heart which meant it was no longer safe for her to continue her work and has now been retired to us in the best interests of her health.

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