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The Horse Trust6 hours ago

Mummy, stand still, it's a great view from up here! Sx

The Horse Trust
The Horse Trust13 hours ago

The summer to autumn transition can be a tricky time where fashion is concerned. It’s a little chilly for your bright summer pieces, but it seems too soon for dark winter clothes...

Gustavus (or Gus) wanted to share his favourite tip, that...


8 hours ago
Proud to be a main sponsor @official_APBC virtual equine conf. CPD for equine behaviourists, vets, paraprofessionals, coaches and owners. Find out how horses’ psychological needs are met and the importance of positive (good) emotional states
https://t.co/tU69GoeWPY https://t.co/gDl3YzXr47
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12 hours ago
The 1st October deadline to #microchip your equine is fast approaching.

If you're unsure about whether or not you need to take any action, we've created a handy flow chart and FAQ sheet πŸ‘‡


#equestrian @EquineRegister
6 days ago
We miss him terribly already πŸ’” https://t.co/a0oVwuAy8C
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NP Horses @NPMounted
Unfortunately we have some sad news to share with you today, Pilot who served on the section for over 7 years and was retired to the @horsetrust 5 years ago sadly lost his battle with ongoing health issues. He was one of the best and will be sadly missed

https://t.co/lRbJFf2j8b https://t.co/dI8RmXnd8F
2 weeks ago
If you are a riding school, livery yard, competition venue or other equestrian business, complete the @BritishHorse survey to inform the UK Gov review of the business rates system in England. Call for evidence now live! https://t.co/zSBvMu9pI1 https://t.co/NjL3f3EPc5 horsetrust photo
2 weeks ago
We almost can’t believe we are writing this so soon after we lost our dear Iceini. It is with a heavy heart that very suddenly we had to say our final goodbyes to Bud, aged 21.πŸ’”

Follow this link https://t.co/kzBclmVFZA to read Bud's moving tribute. HTx πŸ’š https://t.co/UnyUThgk6I
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2 weeks ago
Share your experiences if you have found members of the public feeding your horses, whether lockdown-related or otherwise. Only takes a few minutes. Thank you! https://t.co/6VodSVTM66 https://t.co/Zuhvnn024g horsetrust photo
3 weeks ago
We're thrilled with the #positivefeedback for our #CPD Course for Farriers, and to be working with #farriers across the country to improve #equine welfare! πŸ˜„

Farriers - if you want to find out more, email training @horsetrust.org.uk or visit πŸ‘‡

https://t.co/0A2eu51eu6 https://t.co/hq6YcS4xp9
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Andie Vilela @RedwingsAndie
πŸ‘ Well done to one of our first CPD graduate #farriers πŸ‘

Find out more by emailing training @horsetrust.org.uk or follow the link πŸ‘‡

https://t.co/Uf8zkSlKBM https://t.co/wlADwyRTT8
1 month ago
We've seen the celeb photos going round and some of the residents at HT wanted to jump on the bandwagon! 😝

2020 as told by Sammy @TVP_horses , Hamish, Charisma @HCav1660 , Vienna, Iceini @TVP_horses and Gozza @KingsTroopRHA ! πŸ˜‚HTx

#funny #faces #horses #2020 https://t.co/XEEmKTyIED
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2 months ago
We are so excited to be entering into a partnership with @supportwarhorse to further the cause of equine welfare! HTx πŸ’œ https://t.co/TwEpVZWjWM
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War Horse Memorial @supportwarhorse
Proud to announce working partnership with @horsetrust, world’s oldest horse charity, to further the cause of #equine welfare. It comes ahead of #NationalAnimalDay on Aug 23 to honour service of animals in war & provide lasting legacy for animals in need https://t.co/xYcCLkGNRK https://t.co/0jLYCVA5xx
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