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The Horse Trust offers a range of continued professional development (CPD) to a variety of audiences including: Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses and Frontline organisations who have a role in dealing with horse welfare and dealing with difficult incidents involving horses.

Equine behaviour modification techniques for the veterinary personnel
One day continued professional development courses for equine veterinary professionals dealing with equids in practice. It will review ethology and learning theory and explain how these principles can be used to address behavioural problems encountered by veterinary professionals in their day-to-day work, for example when handling needle shy / clipper shy horses or horses that won’t go into stocks / vehicles.

The 2013 BEVA accident survey highlighted the high occurrence of accidents affecting equine veterinary practitioners and the need for training in methods that practitioners can employ to remain safe when working with horses.

Upon completion of this course delegates will be understand how the horse’s health status, environment, diet and learning history can contribute to the development of challenging behaviour, and be able to apply effective, humane handling techniques in practice. This course includes demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions so delegates have the opportunity to practice many of the techniques themselves.

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