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The Horse Trust, Redwings Horse Sanctuary and The Society of Master Saddlers have combined our expertise and industry knowledge to create this new, online course for saddlery fitters on equine welfare

CPD for Saddlery Fitters on Equine Welfare

The Horse Trust and Redwings Horse Sanctuary recognise the unique position that professionals engaging with horse owners hold in promoting positive equine welfare.

By reaching horse owners early with helpful advice on good welfare practices, saddlery fitters may be able to help stop potential welfare cases from arising.

We have therefore come together to work with The Society of Master Saddlers to support saddlery fitting professionals. Together we have created a course based on the vast experience that we at The Horse Trust and Redwings Horse Sanctuary have in dealing with welfare concerns. We have combined this with the experience of established saddlery fitters for an industry relevant course.

Designed with the busy saddlery fitter in mind, the course is 100% online, easy to follow and packed full of additional resources and helpful contacts. The course will provide saddlery fitters with the tools and resources to provide advice to owners and report concerns, if required. Just £15 for Society of Master Saddlers members and £30 for non-members.

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“Severity of animal neglect ranges from mistakes by inexperienced owners to gross mistreatment. In these straitened times horse welfare will undoubtedly suffer as owners struggle to balance the needs of their families against the wellbeing of their horses.  This course, arriving at the most opportune time, provides a new dimension to the skills of those professional SMS members who fit saddles and bridles, allowing them to address welfare issues non-confrontationally through improved communication skills and understanding of their clients’ circumstances, as well as defining confidential reporting channels for the most egregious cases.

I am delighted that the collaboration between the Horse Trust, Redwings and the Society of Master Saddlers has produced a course that so completely fits the SMS ethos of “horse welfare first”. Ted Boggis, Past President of Society of Master Saddlers 2019/20

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