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Steps to Rehoming from The Horse Trust:

If you are interested in offering a home to one of our horses (please note ‘horse’ is used to include horses, ponies and donkeys) listed on this page, click on the horse to learn more about them and complete the short contact form available at the bottom of this page.

Your form will be assessed and if you might be able to offer a suitable home, you will be contacted and asked to enter into our Assessment Process.  We will provide you at that stage with full details of the Assessment Process and copies of all the relevant documents.

You will be asked to complete a full Application Form and provided with a copy of our Assessment Agreement to consider.  You will also be asked to provide specific consent to our processing special categories of personal data about you as part of our Assessment Process if you choose to proceed.

You will then be invited to meet the horse at The Horse Trust to see if you click and to demonstrate your ability with horses.

One of our team will carry out a home check where you intend to keep the horse. This is simply to check the site is suitable to meet the needs of the horse.

Our Veterinary Director can provide you with the relevant medical history of the horse and will ensure vaccinations and routine procedures are up to date before you take your horse home.

If you agree to take the horse on loan, you will be required to sign a Rehoming Agreement with us. You will also be asked to provide consent to us processing any special categories of data about you so we can monitor and support the rehoming.  Provided you are happy to do so and that paperwork is completed, you can then take your horse home.

We carry out routine home checks on all our rehomed horses and offer advice and support by telephone for all our loanees.

Be a part of their journey
Below are some of the horses & ponies we have upcoming for rehoming....
4 years old

Dobby is a 3.5 year old, 13.2hh bay gelding who is looking for a companion home. Dobby arrived at The Horse Trust in 2021 after being found abandoned and in very poor condition. He is now in good health and looking for a family of his own to love him.

Dobby has undertaken basic handling training with our Knowledge & Skills team and is now comfortable with routine interventions, such as vaccinations, farrier visits, spending time in a stable and being groomed. He is an extremely loving and affectionate boy, he enjoys spending time around people and loves getting scratches and kisses! He loves going on adventures too and has been out and about on in hand walks with our other ponies in training to explore local routes.

Dobby would be best suited to a home that has horses who enjoy playing with others and that he can interact with in the field. He has lived out with mares and geldings of various sizes and gets along with everyone.

If you would like to give Dobby a loving home to grow into a beautiful, mature pony, fill out the application below and we will be in touch!

7 years old

Standing at around 15.2hh, Merlin is a very striking 7 year old cob who is a special soul looking for a unique home to call his own where he can be a wonderful companion.

Merlin came to us in 2019 after being seized at one of the largest and most traumatic scenes of animal neglect in UK history. He came straight to us at The Horse Trust to begin his rehabilitation and has had a rocky road due to his past. Merlin was exceptionally head shy on admission to The Horse Trust and whilst we have worked with him very closely for the last few years, he requires a home that understands that his traumatic past means that he still has good days and bad days and will need lots of patience. He is looking for someone who understands the principles of learning theory and force free training as well as being able to read horse behaviour to know when Merlin might be feeling uncomfortable about something, as there are still some deficits in his training that require further work.

This being said, he has come on in leaps and bounds in his time here with us and he can cope with most routine interventions such as the vet and farrier and he is happy to stand in a stable with hay if he has a friend nearby for company and can stay in overnight. He is a very affectionate boy once he has made a connection with somebody and loves to receive scratches and spend time with those he has bonded with. He often greets our trainers with his own special whinny when they go down to the field!

Due to his more complex needs, Merlin needs a home in close proximity to The Horse Trust in Speen, Buckinghamshire so that we can support his transition into a new home. He has lived with mares and geldings in the past of various sizes. Merlin’s additional needs can be discussed on application.

If you think Merlin could be the horse for you, please fill out the application form below.

4 years old

Balmoral is a 4 year old TB type gelding. Originally bought ‘sight unseen’ as a 17.2hh hunter, the purchaser got quite a shock when Balmoral arrived with no passport and no identity. Through ignorance and inexperience, Balmoral arrived to us sadly very underweight and with several wounds. Since then, he has received the veterinary treatment and training all of our welfare cases receive here, along with bundles of love. He is now ready to find a home of his own to progress into a mature horse.

If you think you can provide a stable and loving home for Balmoral, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch to discuss his requirements further.

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Please complete your details below to express your interest in rehoming one of our horses.

Rehoming Interest

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Data Protection - Please read this section carefully
We, THE HORSE TRUST, a company limited by guarantee incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 00347417 (and Registered Charity No 231748) whose registered office is at The Home of Rest for Horses, Slad Lane, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, HP27 0PP, will be the data controller in relation to any processing of personal data referred to in this section.

Much of the information you provide to us, or which we may generate ourselves in our consideration of the information you provide to us, is personal data about you. We only collect this data and use (or "process") it in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy, which is available here. Please tick this box to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the terms of that Privacy Policy.

Our Request for Your Consent to Process Special Categories of Personal Data Relating to You
In addition, some of that information you provide to us, or which we may generate ourselves in our consideration of the information you provide to us, is data which falls into special categories of personal data, that is, data relating to your health or any disability affecting you.

We only collect this data and use (or "process") it for the specific purposes referred to below. At the conclusion of that Assessment Process, we will destroy the data if we do not rehome a horse with you, unless you give us your further, separate consent to process that data as will be explained to you at that time. An example of this would be if you asked us to retain your details "on file" for a specific period to enable you to be considered for the rehoming of other horses.

If we do rehome a horse with you, we will ask you for your consent again to use this data as required for the purposes of the rehoming as will be explained to you at that time.

We therefore ask you to tick the appropriate box before submitting this form to confirm that you consent to our processing data relating to your health and any disability affecting you by:

1. gathering and storing that data for the period for which we are considering your application to receive a horse on rehoming from us;

2. our relevant personnel considering that data when making any assessment as to your suitability for receiving a horse for rehoming as part of the Assessment Process summarised on our website which you have read before completing this form;

3. using that data to request any further consent from you to process that data which we may make at the conclusion of the assessment process; and

4. destroying that data at conclusion of the assessment process.

The purpose for which we will process that data will be

1. to conduct the Assessment Process summarised on our website which you have read before completing this form;

2. to make our assessment of your suitability to receive a horse for rehoming from us by way of that Assessment Process; and

3. to communicate with you in relation to that Assessment Process and/or at its conclusion.
You are not in any way obliged to give us this information or to give your consent to our processing it. However, we have to ask you for that consent so we can we receive that information and process it as outlined above. If we cannot do that, we cannot make a proper assessment of your suitability to receive a horse for rehoming, and we cannot therefore proceed any further in the Assessment Process.

If you do give us your consent to process this data, you can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to us at [ ] or at The Home of Rest for Horses, Slad Lane, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, HP27 0PP.

I consent to the processing of data relating to my health or any disability affecting me in accordance with the above terms
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