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Healthiest Equine Body Condition Awards


The Horse Trust, in tandem with the British Equine Veterinary Association, considers equine obesity to be one of the highest ranking equine health risks today and we are working with a number of horse world bodies to come up with practical solutions to enable human behaviour around equine obesity to be changed for the better.

The Horse Trust created and piloted The Weigh To Win (#theweightowin) scheme in collaboration with University of Liverpool back in 2019 in order to recognise and reward exhibitors in show classes with the healthiest equine body condition.  The programme has been further developed to spread the word on how best to maintain healthy equine weight. 

People get very upset by seeing photos of underweight horses in the media, but in reality, far more horses are obese than are underweight. This is very worrying for vets who are finding that they have to treat these horses with serious health conditions like Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Laminitis.

Peoples’ perceptions of what is a healthy weight have become skewed towards the higher body condition scores. We would like to help to reset this balance and this page offers advice, information and some success stories in our quest to see more healthy weight horses!

Whether you are a competitor who has won or is interested in winning an award in the future, a show secretary looking at incorporating the awards into your classes or a suitably qualified person who wants to get involved in body condition scoring for the award, you can find all the information you need to get stuck in below.


In the competitors hub, you’ll find information for those who have won an award already, or are interested in our Awards. There is also a gallery of our wonderful winners.

Body Condition Scorers

Are you passionate about healthy equine weight and want to get involved in volunteering to judge for the Awards? Click below for everything you need to know.

Show Secretaries & Staff

Here you will find information about incorporating the award into your shows and what is offered to our participating shows.

Just some of our wonderful winners

(c)Equinational MVL 2847 Class 175 Katie Jerram-Hunnable on I Shervington on Goosey Gander Dr Tamzin Furtado

Camilla Hardie and Kellythorpes Adonis G with Holly Spurr from Mortimer Equine Vets and Jan (c)EquinePix

(c)Equinational HPC 4411 Class 204 Chloe Thompson on Battle_s Gent. Dr Tamzin Furtado

(c)Equinational POW 1664 Class 180 Rose Cassapi on Blackertor Mustang Maria Rosa from Sussex Equine Hospital

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