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Equine charities forging new welfare partnership with farriers

The Horse Trust and Redwings Horse Sanctuary have united to create an online course for farriers on equine welfare and legislation, as part of our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of equines in the UK.

CPD for Farriers on Equine Welfare and Legislation

The Horse Trust and Redwings Horse Sanctuary recognise that farriers are at the forefront of equine care provision in the UK, they build strong relationships with clients, seeing their horses regularly, and are therefore in a unique position to promote positive welfare.  By reaching horse owners early with helpful advice on good welfare practices, farriers can help stop potential welfare cases from arising.  We have therefore come together, as two major equine charities, to show our support for the farrier industry.  We sincerely recognise their intrinsic role in equine welfare and have created a platform where they can develop their knowledge, expertise, and confidence in dealing with welfare cases.

We created this course based on the vast experience that we at The Horse Trust and Redwings Horse Sanctuary have in dealing with welfare concerns, and it draws on the work we have already done in the sector around important issues such as biosecurity and disease prevention.

Designed with the busy farrier in mind, the course is 100% online, easy to follow and packed full of additional resources and helpful contacts.  The course will provide farriers with the tools and resources to provide advice, report concerns, attend welfare cases and provide evidence to a court if required.  For just £10 farriers can get 4 annual CPD points at home, and around work commitments.

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Terms & Conditions

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In today’s society we see so much more litigation and accountability that as working Farriers we are often asked by clients or horse owners to make decisions or give opinions without sometimes the ability to fully understand what we as the Professional can and cannot say in situations we come across.  Sometimes it is even just knowing what to say or how to say it appropriately.  This is an excellent course that all Farriers and apprentices can do that really does add to our professional development. Thank you for putting it together for us in such an easy format!”  Ben Benson AWCF, DipWCF, Master Farrier, ATF

“With the course being 100% online it makes it an easily accessible way to achieve some annual CPD points, in an area that is really relevant and topical for us at the moment.  As a training farrier, I think this course will be a great introduction to welfare and legislation for apprentice and newly qualified farriers, who may not have come across any issues in practice yet.  I think it will help build their confidence in knowing what a welfare case is, and when, how and to who to report it.”  Daniel Harman AWCF Master Farrier

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Please note this course in only available to farriers registered with FRC.

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