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Tarnish, Blue and Jack

Donating through your work’s payroll giving scheme is an easy and efficient way to support The Horse Trust. It allows you to automatically donate to a charity every month before tax is taken out of your pay cheque, so it’s the most tax efficient way to help us and our residents!

All donations given in this way are tax effective so The Horse Trust receives your donation along with the tax you would have paid on this amount. For example if you choose to donate £5, it will actually cost you £4 (standard rate tax payer) or £3 (higher rate tax payer) but we will receive the full £5.

Speak to your employer to see if they have already set up the scheme and let them know which charity and the amount you would like to give. If your employer is not yet set up on the scheme, no problem! They simply need to fill out a registration form with a payroll giving agency. Information on how to do this can be found at

To find out more about how you can help or other ways to give, please contact

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