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10hh but still growing!

April 2021


Welfare case


Dobby Before

Dobby before

Dobby After

Dobby came to us at around 6 months old when he was found wandering the roads in Buckinghamshire all on his own. Dobby was tiny, petrified and on the brink of exhaustion. It became clear that he had been abandoned and left in such a sorry state that he was facing a fight for his life.

When he was found Dobby was severely dehydrated, riddled with lice and emaciated, with an extremely low body condition score of just 1/5. He was very wobbly on his feet and nearly collapsed several times as he was so weak. His headcollar was so tight it had rubbed his fur down to the skin, obviously causing him a huge amount of pain. His rug was so tight and tangled that it had caused painful sores and the only way we could remove it was to cut it off.

Dobby now has a home here at The Horse Trust where we will provide him with all the love and care he needs to live his best possible life. He has already received an emergency plasma transfusion from our on-site vet and is receiving the best possible care and unconditional love from the whole team.

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