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15hh and growing!

September 2022


Welfare case


Balmoral Before

Balmoral After

Balmoral, now fondly known as Bally, arrived to us at a pivotal moment in time, just as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was in procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, he was named to mark this poignant event.

This poor baby boy was bought “sight unseen”, Balmoral was passed from pillar to post at the very beginning of his life. When his inexperienced new owner realised he hadn’t received the 17.2hh Hunter advertised but a skinny, neglected youngster with no passport and no identity, he was dumped with other horses who sadly bullied him, causing significant injuries. Out of desperation he somehow mustered the little energy he had left and escaped from the other horses, where he was found roaming the streets.

Balmoral was then brought to us in a desperate state; very underweight, covered in wounds and frightened. His skin was crawling with lice, scars covering his body and his teeth were extremely worn down. This is unusual for a young horse, but we suspect he was gnawing on wood due to stress or lack of mental stimulation. This poor colt was covered in ulcerated sarcoids (a viral-based skin cancer) which had become very painful for him.

Balmoral has had one laser sarcoid removal treatment so far and may need a couple more in the future but we have an incredible team that will be keeping a close eye on him and monitor his progress.

This little fighter has come on leaps and bounds since he first arrived and is now settling beautifully into a small herd with other horses his age to play with and some older ones to teach him the ropes.

We will continue to give unconditional love and care to this sweet boy and provide him with the life he truly deserves free from pain or suffering.

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