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October 2022


The Household Cavalry - Life Guards


Gemma Working

Gemma Retired

Gemma was a firm troop favourite during her 15 year service with The Household Cavalry working in one of the oldest and most senior regiments, The Life Guards.
This meant being on a multitude of large scale ceremonial state events including the Royal Weddings, Diamond Jubilee, State Opening of Parliament, Trooping the Colour and The Lord Mayors Parade.

Although she was known as safe and extremely reliable on parade, even being trusted to be ridden by a junior doctor who had only just learnt to ride, Gemma does have a mischievous streak which only adds to her charm.

Due to her age, she was unable to wear her full uniform (which is very heavy!) for an extended period of time and so the decision was made to let her retire at The Horse Trust. We look forward to getting to know her in this next chapter of her life.

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