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Jenga wins his first horse agility competition

Jenga Wins His First Horse Agility Competition

Rescue pony Jenga continues to thrive in his new home. It is now hard to imagine him as the same sick and lifeless foal that arrived. He is now 7 years old and stands at 14.2hh. And we’re pleased to say that he recently won his first horse agility competition!

Jenga was rescued from a field in Hertfordshire. He arrived with Domino in November 2012. His condition was truly appalling; he was emaciated, full of worms and suffering from a severe bacterial infection. He was sent immediately to the Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment, and around the clock care.  Jenga was so weak he had to be lifted to his feet daily.

He was backed to ride by our Equine Trainer Jen which led to him being rehomed locally in May of 2019 by Kelly Gordon and her daughter Chloe. Jenga is absolutely adored in his new home and has been getting up to lots of fun and interesting things. He went to a local show in June last year and won second in best condition in-hand and second in the rescue class. He and Kelly attended another local show where he won best rescue in the ridden class.

His latest achievement is winning his first horse agility competition in hand scoring an amazing 93 out of 100! Very impressive. Congratulations Kelly and Jenga! We are so pleased he is happy in his new home.

Read more about Jenga here.

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