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Rescue horse, Jenga

JENGA : Rescued, Recovered, Ready to Ride

Back in November 2012 when Jenga arrived at the Trust he was about five months old. He, and little Domino were rescued from the side of a Hertfordshire road. They were both close to death’s door and were sent immediately to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) for emergency treatment.

A combination of bacterial infection and worm infestation had caused severe diarrhoea and it was months before they were even able to stand up without help from one of our grooms. They were so bad that our team took it in turns to spend the night in the stable with them but even in a warm stable with round the clock care they struggled to survive.

Jenga and Domino struggled to eat or put on any weight and suffered recurring bouts of colic. In It looked like they had no fight left in them and were giving up. There was no alternative but to send them back to the RVC where they could have 24-hour veterinary care.

On their return, they very slowly began to improve although each improvement seemed to unearth new underlying health problems caused by their terrible neglect. It took ten months of continuous care before there was a real improvement but by the anniversary of their arrival, we could see signs that these sick and lifeless foals that arrived had a real chance of a new life.

A carefully managed health plan has been the backdrop to a remarkable recovery and regular check-ups have been a frequent feature of their life on the yard. Almost five years on, it is safe to say that Jenga and Domino are healthy, lively young ponies.

Our care team and our vets have done a wonderful job turning them around, helped by the generosity of our supporters who donated to our Appeal when we most needed it. Rescue stories don’t always have a happy ending but in the case of Jenga and Domino, it truly does. As they became strong and healthy they have undergone training in the hope that they will find a new home. Domino is still in training and not quite ready yet but Jenga has done incredibly well and should make a good pony for general riding and hacking.

Five years may seem like a long time but the result is what matters. So, if you ever wonder what happens to the donations people make to The Horse Trust just remember Jenga and Domino. When we say, you can give this pony a second chance at life we mean it and when we say you really can make a difference, the answer is plain to see.


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