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Scooby: A final farewell

Time catches up with us all but it did seem that hard working and adorable Scooby might be able to break all the rules. After a whole 19 years full time service with the New Yatt Riding for the Disabled Association he retired to our Home of Rest in 2013. He had been giving riding sessions to children with physical and learning disabilities for nigh two decades, he loved working, he loved people and they loved him straight back; even when children moved on to bigger horses they continued to help care for him.

He took part in games, races, local shows, sponsored rides and even featured in a musical ride for HRH The Princess Royal at the opening of the New Yatt RDA’s new centre in 1996. This sweetheart of a pony was a Shetland cross New Forest was only 11.1hh but he had a huge heart and a wonderful personality and it was clear when he arrived that full time retirement wasn’t for him.

Scooby helped out with our courses for police and fire officers, training them in basic horse handling skills. Scooby pretended to be a loose horse so the officers could practice catching him, he was mostly an easy introduction for emergency services personnel to equine animals on the loose but he occasionally he would give them the run-around, just to show that small and older doesn’t mean slow and easy!

Our Training Manager Charlotte Launder said ‘Scooby was a fantastic pony, perfect for training the Emergency Services and he built confidence in many firefighters and Traffic Officers. If you had mints in your pocket Scooby was sure to be their best friend and his cheeky character created many laughs and friends among the delegates. Scooby will be missed by The Horse Trust and many of the officers from the Emergency Services.’

Scooby was extremely gentle around all children and would often be seen in our grooming area at weekends, soaking up as much attention as he could get! In truth he was a children’s superhero, a loving, kind and much loved pony who transformed lives during his long and happy life.

Everyone will miss his face over the stable door looking for cuddles and his incredibly fast gallop in the fields when he thought food was on offer. He served the community with great distinction and great gentleness. Sleep tight little man.

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