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Uncle George

Uncle George Approaches his 40th

Uncle George is currently our oldest, and some think, our cutest resident. Shetland pony George stands at only 39 inches and retired from Battersea Children’s Zoo back in 2004 along with children’s pony Babycham and Briar the donkey.

Uncle George is no lover of the winter months and is very fond of his stable.  After his check-up a with Tony Collins his Vet this week he has been given a clean bill of health and we hope he stays in fine fettle and he gets to enjoy his 40th birthday in the style he deserves.

A very kind and gentle fellow, Uncle George is a great favourite with our younger visitors and is known by all at The Trust as Uncle George. He has been given some very important tasks and was a great help in settling abandoned foal Teddy when he first arrived in 2012. George was a fantastic role model and taught Teddy how to behave and to respect others. George took on the important role of being Teddy’s best friend and role model. He taught him how to be a pony in the herd.George and young Teddy

When he was at the Battersea zoo he was known as Boy George but he earned his new title of Uncle when he took on the role of surrogate parent, a role he still performs, helping our younger residents to settle in after their arrival in what are often very traumatic circumstances.

No-one is sure of his exact date of birth but he has been a saint for us and it seems appropriate to celebrate his birthday on St. Georges Day.  40 years may not seem terribly long ago until you think that the average price of a house in the UK was only £13,800.

So, from a working life at a City Farm as a petting pony George retired to The Horse Trust… to be petted! It’s no surprise he’s doing so well for his age.

Thank you, Uncle George.

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