Insight Development

18th July 2020
RIP Churchill

RIP Churchill

It is with the greatest sadness that our darling Churchill lost his recent fight with illness and we had to let him go at the […]
14th July 2020
Online course for farriers

A New Partnership with Farriers

Equine charities forging new welfare partnership with online course for farriers The Horse Trust and Redwings Horse Sanctuary have united to create an online course […]
14th July 2020
Welcome to Bob and Jutland

Welcome Bob and Jutland!

Welcome Bob and Jutland. First up, everyone meet Bob! This handsome chap is retiring from English Heritage after 7 years of service. English Heritage is […]
28th June 2020
HHH Horse and Dog Show Competition

HHH Horse and Dog Show Competition Results

16th June 2020
The Horse Trust in Horse and Hound

The Horse Trust in Horse & Hound

This week Nicola Housby-Skeggs, Veterinary Director at The Horse Trust, the world’s oldest horse charity, talks about their work and looking after the Trust’s unique […]
16th June 2020
Spotlight on Trojan

Spotlight on Trojan

Today’s spotlight is dedicated to our lovely Trojan I (Now we have two!). Trojan first came to The Horse Trust in January 2013 from the Essex […]
15th June 2020
Goodnight Clyde, Cumbria and Pandora

Goodnight Clyde, Pandora and Cumbria

Goodnight Clyde It has been a very difficult time for us here at The Horse Trust and we are devastated that we must share this […]
22nd May 2020
hhh2020 will become virtual

HHH2020 The Show Must Go On……Line!

We are so excited to announce that the show will go on! Horses, Hounds and Heroes 2020 – HHH2020 – will become virtual! On the […]
07th April 2020
Goliath's road to recovery

Goliath’s Road to Recovery

We’re pleased to report Goliath’s road to recovery. Back in October  2019 one of our much-loved residents Goliath came into the stables with a very […]
26th March 2020
Goodnight Gucci

Goodnight Gucci

It is with the greatest sadness and heaviest heart we inform you that last week we said “Goodnight Gucci”, our final goodbyes to our beloved […]
21st March 2020
Domino flies the nest

Domino Flies The Nest

We have some very exciting news! This month our lovely chap Domino flies the nest onto a new loan home. This was quite an emotional […]
20th March 2020
Jenga wins his first horse agility competition

Jenga Wins His First Horse Agility Competition

Rescue pony Jenga continues to thrive in his new home. It is now hard to imagine him as the same sick and lifeless foal that […]
19th March 2020

Spotlight on Charisma

From this month we will be starting a Spotlight on…. feature which will highlight a variety of our superstar residents and what they got up […]
18th March 2020
The Horse Trust Attends SEVA Congress as Lead Sponsor

The Horse Trust Attends SEVA Congress as Lead Sponsor

For the 3rd year running, The Horse Trust was the head sponsor of the Student Equine Veterinary Association (SEVA) Congress, which took place at the Royal […]
16th March 2020
Our Healthiest Body Condition Rosettes are Rolled Out UK Wide

Our Healthiest Body Condition rosettes are rolled out UK wide

The Horse Trust funds some very important veterinary research work into health conditions that can affect our horses, and many other horses as well. Conditions […]
15th March 2020
Farewell Albert

Farewell Albert

It is with a heavy heart we say Farewell Albert.  The extremely handsome Albert reached the age of 23 and arrived at The Horse Trust […]
24th February 2020
RIP Jack Priday

RIP Jack Priday

It is with the greatest sadness and heaviest heart we inform you that this week we said our final goodbyes to our beloved Jack Priday […]
24th February 2020
Managing Mud Fever

Managing Mud Fever

Mud fever is a painful condition and as the name suggests has traditionally been associated with the wet muddy conditions where the bacteria Dermatophilus congolensis thrives. Mud […]