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Spotlight on Charisma

From this month we will be starting a Spotlight on…. feature which will highlight a variety of our superstar residents and what they got up to in their working life! This month it is the turn of the stunning Charisma. This incredibly beautiful 16.1hh, 23 year old black mare retired to The Horse Trust in August 2016 from The Household Cavalry Life Guards after giving a whopping 15 years service to Queen and Country.

During her working years, Charisma took part in all major ceremonial parades including several Queen’s Birthday Parades and the 2011 Royal Wedding and Queen’s Life Guard duties. Spotlight on Charisma

She was a real favourite amongst the Regiment due to her incredibly calm and gentle temperament. Charisma’s great love was jumping which she excelled at, and took part in the annual Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment’s Training Camp where the Regiment take part in variety of training activities including cross country and show jumping which suited Charisma down to the ground.

Charisma is an incredibly sweet natured and gentle lady who absolutely adores the lime light! During the 2020 Horse Trust calendar photo shoot she just had to be the centre of attention – and who are we to say no to this stunning mare?! It is safe to say that Charisma has fitted into our herd like a glove and can often be seen fooling around with rescue horse Tilly. We are so honoured to provide a loving and safe sanctuary in which Charisma can see out her years having fun and just being a horse!

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