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Seren with Knowledge & Skills Team

Seren Finds Her Forever Home

We are delighted to announce that through The Horse Trust rehoming scheme, rescue filly Seren was rehomed to her forever home today. It was an emotional day here for all, but especially for our Knowledge and Skills team (pictured with Seren) who dedicated so much of their time observing and teaching Seren so she felt safe, happy and relaxed in all environments. Read on for some background on Seren and to hear from our Director of Training.

In 2020 we were alerted to a mare and foal wandering the streets of Swansea. The mare was in a terrible condition, with great flaps of skin hanging off, potential burns and an injury to her neck and generally in a life-threatening condition. At this point Seren was no more than a few weeks old. Sadly, for a short time Seren had also been cruelly separated from her mother. We know from research that these early traumas have lifelong negative psychological effects to both mare and foal. Thankfully with a huge amount of work and help, Seren and her mother were reunited and brought to safety at The Horse Trust. In a cruel twist of fate, the damage to her mother Bronwen, while healed on the outside, had taken hold internally. Seren lost her mother forever after only a few months of being reunited due to liver failure, likely from ingesting toxic plants whilst roaming without appropriate grazing. Seren was then happily integrated into another herd of youngsters here and made firm friends with Guinevere. Seren and her mother arrived on July 28th 2020 and it is simply amazing that nearly two years to the day on July 29th 2022 she has been re-homed.

Watch a video of  Seren and Bronwen’s rescue and appeal from 2020 here.

Our Director of Training, Charlotte, had a few words to say on Seren:

“We are so pleased that Seren has found her forever home and we wish her and her new owner the best of luck for Seren’s next chapter. This brave little foal endured more than any should have at such a young age and showed us on a daily basis how brave she is despite what she has gone through. It has taken many hours of hard work and training to get Seren to the pony she is today, from a frightened little foal to a brave pony full of character,  but it is worth every minute to see her have a bright and positive future. It’s days like today that make my job so fulfilling. We will miss you Seren and you will always be our little nugget.”

To those who donated to Seren and Bronwen’s appeal in 2020, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without your donations and support none of this would have been possible. Please continue to donate to allow us to help more ponies like little Seren.

It is the hope of Seren’s new owners that in time she will become a therapy pony alongside the rest of the herd and we are excited to hear how Seren settles into her new home over the next few weeks and what exciting activities she gets up to. To hear about future updates on Seren, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or Sign Up to our E-newsletters.

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