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Guinevere with new owner

Rehoming success for Guinevere

We are thrilled to announce that our lovely Guinevere has found her forever home with a sweet little girl and her caring family. It was a bittersweet day at The Horse Trust, we were so sad to see our Guin leave, but watching the delight it brought to her new owners made the transition so much easier. Read on for Guinevere’s backstory and words from those that worked with her closely.

In 2019 we were part of one of the biggest, most heart wrenching animal rescues the UK has ever seen, in which 170 animals were rescued from cramped and filthy conditions, including horses, puppies and farmyard animals. It took three long years until we could finally publicly talk about these rescued ponies that came to us at The Horse Trust, due to the prosecution case. This included poor little Guinevere, who was only 6 months old. Sadly, 3 of Guinevere’s companions were so ill that they never made it out of hospital and this just shows what a fighter our little Guinevere is. She recovered quickly and once at The Horse Trust began her training to partake in routine handling, using choice and control, and she has now progressed through to being trained to take a rider. Guinevere has come so far in her time here that she is now ready to go onto her new home and enjoy a life of pony games and fun with her new family!

Our Director of Training, Charlotte who was heavily involved in Guinevere’s training at The Horse Trust had a few words to say. “I really wasn’t sure if this day would come and I am immensely proud of this little pony and the whole team for all their hard work and dedication. Not only did she survive against the odds, but she also arrived quite simply petrified of people and had an extreme negative association with them. In the three years she has been here she has surpassed our expectations every day. As time went by, I just knew she was going to make someone such a fantastic little pony. Due to the slow, steady and positive way that Guinevere has been trained she took it all in her stride and loved going out exploring. This really is bittersweet, when you have worked with a pony every day for three years, at the start not knowing whether they will make it, it is incredibly hard to say goodbye. However, we are so thrilled that she can go on to have some fun adventures and really live the life that was nearly taken from her. We are filled with pride and love for Guinevere, you will really be missed and we can’t wait to see what you get up to’.

Without your donations and support none of this would be possible and we would like to thank you for giving Guinevere her second chance. Please continue to donate to allow us to give more neglected ponies like Guinevere their second chance, you can click the link below to continue to help us do this.

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