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Bronwen and Seren


This year, we all learned the power of lending a helping hand in our community. Right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Horse Trust was contacted by Communities for Horses about a mare and foal who had been abandoned in Swansea in an absolutely appalling condition.
Underweight, undernourished and with serious health conditions we felt compelled to rescue these girls from a life of neglect and abandonment; we knew we had to give them a second chance at life.
Watch the video below to learn about their rescue see how you can help us to help Bronwen and Seren recover from their ordeal.
Any gift, big or small, can help give these two girls the second chance they deserve.


Bronwen and Seren's Second Chance

How Can Your Gift Help?

will provide Bronwen and Seren with forage for a few days, to help them gain weight.

will go towards essential medicines to help with their treatment.

will help pay for ongoing treatment for Bronwen’s underlying conditions.

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