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Farewell Romulus

Farewell Romulus

Our beloved Romulus passed away after being rushed to hospital at the RVC for emergency surgery. The surgeons found he had a severely twisted colon, one of the worst they’d ever seen. He made it through the extensive surgery and woke up from the anaesthetic but tragically he didn’t make it through recovery and passed away.

This astoundingly loving and brave horse had recently appeared on the BBC and that had put us in touch with the family who owned him before he became a police horse with Thames Valley police.

After 8 years of incredible service, being awarded two commendations for bravery, he came to us. He was our school master for a couple of years helping youngsters be brave out in a world of buses, bin lorries and crisp packets!

His nickname was “the wall” as no matter how jittery a young pony might get on a training hack, Rommy would remain totally calm and protect the youngster by being an immovable, unflappable barrier between the pony and the rest of the world. They soon learned to be more like him.

He never lost his police training and would stop and look down every alleyway he passed! He even saved the life of a local dog once who was running in the road, by standing stock still in the centre of the road to stop a speeding lorry from hitting the pup. As the lorry screeched to a halt in front of him, Rommy didn’t so much as twitch. After a couple of part time years, he retired completely and loved life here.

He loved people but due to allergies he couldn’t be stabled for visitors although some of you may have met him on Halloween carrying the headless horseman! He mostly got all his cuddles from the team. He was a hero through and through and utterly lovable in every way. Goodnight gorgeous boy, clip clop those gigantic feet of yours to find your friends who have gone before you. We loved you so very much. You will be truly missed. Sleep well now.

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