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Vernon departs taking our love with him

Vernon departs taking our love with him

Very sad news. Our wonderful old man Vernon has said his last goodnight. At 28 years old he had been battling with a very long running foot problem and in the end, it was clear he would not win the fight and so we made the decision to say farewell.

Vernon was a huge character, enormously friendly, super gentle and absolutely nothing ever phased him. He was the closest thing we had to a Head Boy, a senior statesman with impeccable manners. When he first retired to us in June 2011, after 14 years of service with the Metropolitan Police, he was described as “totally solid and reliable, if we had 120 Vernon’s that would be perfect!

Big V became a regular hit with visitors and in his later years was given the trusted privilege of being allowed to mooch around on the yard whilst everyone got on with work. He loved three things here above all else, melon rind, lying down and our Head Groom Angie. We know his passing will be very sad news to his former officers including Sue Mitchell, who remembers getting a special Vernon cuddle on her last day in the Police back in 2008. He leaves a big hole on our yard and in our hearts. A true gentleman with the heart of a lion. Goodnight Vernon. You’ve earned your rest and you take so much love with you. Your stable seems very empty.


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