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BARTA’s Response to Recent Cow Incident

The recent incident involving a police responder immobilising a young heifer with a vehicle has caused outcry from many quarters. Viewing this approach looks terrible and it undoubtedly is. But it is not the first time that UK police have…

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Hay There, Jo!

Every month we shine a light on a different member of our team, highlighting all of the brilliant work they do for The Horse Trust, as well as sharing with you their interesting and often unique backgrounds! This month we…

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Cavalry Horses injured in London given respite care

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) is pleased to announce that the Life Guards soldiers and five Military Working Horses (MWH) injured in London on 24th April 2024, are continuing to make remarkable progress in their recovery. Three of the horses…

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Hyderabad Working Military Horse

Introducing: Sponsor Horse, Hyderabad!

Photo credits: Christine Dunnington We are honoured to announce our newest Sponsor Horse; retired Military Working Horse (MWH), Hyderabad! Many of you will have already followed Hyderabad's journey with The Horse Trust after his Ceremonial retirement in London. This is…

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Jeanette Allen, CEO of The Horse Trust

Hay There, Jeanette!

We enjoy sharing stories from our team, and we thought it was about time we brought you closer to our wonderful CEO of almost 14 years! Jeanette has been with our charity through many our our key moments in recent…

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Strangles Awareness Week 2024

Strangles Awareness Week 2024: What is Strangles?

Strangles is a serious equine disease, endemic in the UK horse population. With our interests in equine health and wellbeing, it won’t be a surprise to hear we are proud collaborators of Strangles Awareness Week (SAW) taking place 6th–12th May…

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Horse Trust groom Tim standing with his horse Jirka

Hay There, Tim!

We had a lovely chat this month with one of our longest standing volunteers, Tim. He has been here since 2012, and has seen many of our residents come, and go to those fresh pastures over the rainbow bridge. Tim…

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Gemma Pearson with her horse and dog

Hay There, Gemma Pearson: Revisited!

For this special edition of Hay There we caught up with Dr Gemma Pearson, Director of Equine Behaviour at The Horse Trust. Gemma is carving a completely new path as the world’s first recognised specialist in equine veterinary behaviour. Her…

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Graphic of Hay There Esther, including an image of Esther cuddling rescue pony Seren

Hay There, Esther!

It may be a new year, but our traditions remain the same. For this month’s Hay There, we had the delight of catching up with the lovely Esther, who has been with us for five years. We can’t actually pinpoint…

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Bay horse looking into the distance

Colic: Complications & Contraindications

The term colic refers to abdominal pain in horses. It is common and often resolves with simple treatment but, dependent on the cause it can have serious consequences for their health and they can deteriorate rapidly, even with treatment. It…

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Gemma Pearson presenting the John Hickman Memorial Lecture

A Look Back at Last Week’s BEVA Congress Highlights

Last week The Horse Trust attended British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) annual Congress, the largest gathering of equine veterinary professionals outside of the US, packed full of success and learnings for the whole veterinary sector. We were honoured to be…

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Halt the UK horse welfare crisis for good


The Horse Trust wishes to clarify its position regarding the Green Paper “No Animal Left Behind” (May 2021). Contributions to the publication were provided by the 50 organisations named. The Horse Trust’s expertise lies solely within the equine sector and…

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Strangles Awareness Week

Strangles Awareness Week 2021

The Horse Trust is proud to be joining forces with some of the UK’s largest equine welfare organisations, in supporting Strangles Awareness Week 2021. Taking place on 3-9 May, this national week of action aims to promote better biosecurity and…

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The Horse Trust Webinar

Join The Horse Trust for the first in our new Clinical Animal Behaviour webinar series!   Are you working towards becoming a registered equine Clinical Animal Behaviourist? Would you like to learn more about how registered Clinical Animal Behaviourists deal…

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