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Retired Police Horse, Parker Trials Contact Lenses

Our retired police horse, Parker has had a few visits to our veterinary clinic recently. Parker suffered an injury to his cornea in September, which in itself isn’t too uncommon. When he came into the vet clinic we also tested him for Cushing’s disease, as we often do in older horses, which came back positive and so we started him on treatment.

Parker’s cornea injury

Underlying PPID (Cushing’s disease) delays healing which makes him more prone to complications. Parker has needed a few minor procedures along the way and the eye is very close to having healed, but he has a little way to go and is likely to have some scarring.

We discussed removing his eye, but he is comfortable and visual, so after consultation with specialists we’ve prescribed Parker with contact lenses. In theory contact lens are a simple solution, however they can be tricky to keep in place- fortunately we have had success with Parker and he is looking after his lens well!

Horse looking over fence

Unlike the ones that people wear, horses contact lenses are not used to improve vision. They can however be used to protect the eye and facilitate healing in horses with non-infected ulcerations. We’re hoping that some scar tissue will form, and while the eye won’t be ‘normal’, it will remain visual and pain free. If it doesn’t, then the best option will be to remove his eye.

We’re hoping for the best and giving him plenty of scratches and treats in the meantime, not forgetting a buddy to keep him company! He is being very patient and brave during the healing process and so far we’re happy to report that Parker’s treatment has been successful.

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