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Hyderabad Working Military Horse

Introducing: Sponsor Horse, Hyderabad!

Sponsor Hyderabad

Photo credits: Christine Dunnington

We are honoured to announce our newest Sponsor Horse; retired Military Working Horse (MWH), Hyderabad! Many of you will have already followed Hyderabad’s journey with The Horse Trust after his Ceremonial retirement in London. This is no normal retirement for a MWH; Hyderabad was held in incredibly high regard due to his notable achievements, length of service, and gentle personality.

During Hyderabad’s career, he took part in all the major parades carried out by the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR). He attended the Royal Weddings of William and Kate and Harry and Meghan, the Diamond and Platinum Jubilee parades and the King’s Coronation. He was always a regular on Trooping the Colour, the State opening of Parliament as well as being on countless Queen’s and now King’s Life Guard. Hyderabad could go in any position on a parade including the band, which is certainly not a role for every horse for obvious reasons but thanks to his relaxed and incredibly kind nature, he took it all in his stride!

Hyderabad Michael Patrick
Hyderabad retiring at the Major General’s Inspection. Photo credits: Patch Photography

Hyderabad and his rider, the Surgeon Colonel, worked together for many years, developing an incredibly strong bond in the process. It is not always the case that MWH’s have one main rider because of the rotational nature of a soldier’s role, but Hyderabad’s standout attributes meant that he was entrusted with the highest levels of responsibility. This was apparent to see from the emotional and ceremonial significance attached to Hyderabad’s final day of service, where he was formally retired from duty after permission was granted specifically by the Major General in front of the entire regiment.

The decision was made to retire Hyderabad at the grand age of 22 after a noble 17 year-long career due to a history of multi-limb lameness corresponding with his age and length of service. It is safe to say that Hyderabad has dazzled us all since his retirement, not only due to his stunning looks which hold a likening to previous Horse Trust legend, Yeti, but because of his utterly adoring and gentle nature, too. Hyderabad has joined a herd of nine other Military Working Horses, and it is clear to see that he is a natural born leader in our beautiful pastures as well as in work as they’re often seen following him around, all in absolute awe!

Jeanette, Chief Executive Officer at The Horse Trust, says;

Watching Hyderabad’s ceremonial retirement in front of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, all in full regalia fresh from the Major General’s Inspection, was incredibly moving. He was granted a great honour indeed and as soon as we lead him out we understood why. He’s such a gentle boy, so calm and an absolute stunner. Now he’s back with us at our Home of Rest and out with his old comrades, it truly warms our hearts to see him and his friends all so happy and settled in their new forever home.

Thank you, Hyderabad, for serving the country well. We are beyond grateful to be able to continue your 5-star care with the help of our Sponsorship Scheme. If you would like to support Hyderabad through his well-earned retirement, you can do so by heading to the link below.

Our Sponsorship Scheme plays an integral role in caring for these horses who, as they age, are inevitably exposed to more health risks. It costs approximately £7,500 in care per horse per year, and as a charity that relies solely on public donations, the more help we can get, the better.

Thank you so much for your support.

Sponsor Hyderabad

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