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Horse Trust sponsor residents

Give a warm welcome to our new Sponsor Residents!

We have some very special news to share with you; four of our wonderful horses are newly available to sponsor! They’ve all been very brave in different ways, and we’re so proud to be able to champion their lives through our sponsorship scheme.

Whether you have an affinity to police horses, are touched by the joy organisations like Riding for the Disabled Association bring to the lives of people living with disabilities, want to support a rescued horse’s second chance in life, or other, you can now support these amazing animals through their retirement.

They’re so excited to meet you, share their unique stories, and begin a new adventure with you. Scroll down to start your new sponsor journey.

Rescue Sponsor Shetland, George Rescue Shetland, George

Meet George, one of our smallest residents! Despite George’s size, he has the biggest heart. George was rescued when his original owner could no longer provide the care he needed. Following a strangles outbreak at his first rescue home, little George was found to be the carrier. He was brought to our sanctuary for treatment and remained with us at our Home of Rest. George has a very sweet nature but can be very nervous when handling. Our team is doing all they can to bring this adorable little pony out of his shell. Whilst there’s still a way to go, and we’re very proud of this little man’s progress so far!

Sponsor George

Retired Gaddesden Riding for the Disabled Association pony, Bramble

Retired Riding for the Disabled Association pony, Bramble

Give a warm welcome to beautiful Bramble, who joined our herd from Gaddesden RDA after 11 long and noble years. During his career, Bramble provided life-changing emotional and physical support to disabled people with differing levels of ability. Bramble is cheerful, a little shy at times and very, very sweet. Although he can be reserved in big groups, he loves meeting guests during visitor days. It’s safe to say Bramble brought with him an incredibly loyal fan club of supporters, and those meeting him for the first time all walk away absolutely smitten!

Sponsor Bramble

Retired South Wales Police horse, RubinRetired South Wales Police horse, Rubin

Meet Rubin, the longest serving horse South Wales Police ever worked with. He’s fondly described as one of the best police horses they’ve ever had, and certainly the bravest. Not only did Rubin lead the processions of some of the UK’s highest profile events, he became a trusted escort horse for the younger, more inexperienced horses too. Rubin’s personality is just has huge as his 17.2hh height. He loves being in the centre of all of the hustle and bustle during visitor days. He’s also fantastic at giving cuddles, as many of our adoring guests have learned already!

Sponsor Rubin

Rescue horse, ErnieHorse Trust's rescue horse, Ernie

Last, and certainly not least, is our sweet Ernie, a horse that came into our care towards the end of last year following a terrible case of neglect. Ernie was found malnourished in a field with five other horses. Ernie was supposed to arrive to our sanctuary alongside his best friend, Bruno. Sadly, due to the neglect they experienced, Bruno was put to sleep on veterinary grounds. It is taking Ernie some time to recover emotionally and physically from this trauma, but with a little help from his new friends, his sweet nature is beginning to shine through. Ernie will remain in our care where we can continue to support his recovery.

Sponsor Ernie


It costs us an average of £7,000 a year to look after just of one our four-legged friends and we are reliant entirely on the generosity of our wonderful supporters like you. Help our residents in their retirement through our sponsorship scheme.

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