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Police horse and rider stood by the windy and sunny Welsh coast





June 2023


South Wales Police


Rubin Working

Police horses leading a football parade

Rubin Retired

Horse sat down in a bed of shavings

Rubin joined the South Wales Police Mounted Branch at 4 years old, and is the longest serving horse the force has ever had, courageously working alongside them for a long and noble 14 years.

He is fondly described by the South Wales Police as one of the best police horses they’ve ever had and certainly one of the bravest, proving himself to be a fantastic escort horse for some of the younger, inexperienced horses. He knows all about the learning process… when he was a youngster he’d have a dislike for paper, paper bags, or anything that rustled! After some loving guidance from his team mates, he now associates anything of the kind with his favourite thing ever – food!

Rubin is a horse of many talents, having lead the way at some of the most important and high profile events in recent history. He lead the procession alongside fellow Horse Trust resident; Samson, at the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan and loved the attention, maybe he thought the crowds were there for him! He was also entrusted patrolling at Six Nations Rugby matches; Swansea v Cardiff football games; other ceremonial events such as funerals, award ceremonies, football parades; the 2012 Olympics; the NATO conference; Brighton Pride; Royal Ascot, as well as the calmer side of the job such as art displays; general patrols amongst the communities of South Wales and school visits.

In the later years of his career, Rubin was a champ at bringing many of South Wales Police’s inexperienced or new riders to the department. People were, and still are, very safe in his company. Rubin is certainly a big personality and loves being around both people and horses. He’s fantastic at giving cuddles (otherwise known as ‘cwtches’ by his former Welsh team mates), and will stand for hours being groomed by his two or four legged friends.

Rubin has already proved himself a favourite with the herd, who can often be seen following his lead as they navigate the Chiltern Hills for the yummiest spots! We’re so happy to provide Rubin with plenty of bananas and a well-deserved, peaceful retirement at our Home of Rest for Horses in Buckinghamshire.

We’re delighted to announce that you can now directly support Rubin in his retirement through our sponsorship scheme!

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