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October 2023


Gaddesden Place RDA

Strutting his stuff!

Bramble Working

Pony standing with his rider with a rosette attached to his headcollar

Bramble Retired

Bramble retired to us from Gaddesden Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) where he worked for 11 wonderful years.

During Bramble’s career, he was described as a loyal servant to RDA and was always fully trusted with carrying some of their most disabled riders. He has allowed riders to mount from an electric ramp, be hoisted onto him, and ride him in a sheepskin pad rather than a saddle if that would bring them greater physical benefit.

Bramble took part in many of Gaddesden RDA’s sponsored rides and open days. He was ridden in several virtual dressage tests for one of their riders and, most recently, headed to the regional RDA dressage competition to perform his swan song! An incredible way to honour his long and noble career.

Bramble is described as cheerful, a little shy at times and very, very sweet. Although he can be reserved in big groups, he loves a chance to show off and strut his stuff!

It’s safe to say Bramble left a lasting imprint on those who worked with him, and his magic charm certainly extends to the grooms at The Horse Trust who have all fallen absolutely head over heels for him. Gentle personalities like Bramble are highly sought after but can be hard to come by. He truly is one in a million!

“He has done the job for a long time and has always been a total star. We feel he now deserves and is ready for a happy retirement.” – Spokesperson for Gaddesden RDA

If you would like to directly support Bramble, you can now do so as his sponsor, and receive plenty of cute updates in the process!

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