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We say goodbye to a Horse Trust legend, Snodgrass

At the end of February 2016 we said goodbye to a Horse Trust legend, Snodgrass, formerly of Greater Manchester Police. At The Horse Trust, we have the honour of specialising in giving a dignified retirement to our country’s equine civil servants and to give them the best possible life in their twilight years after a career of giving service.

In Snoddy’s case his retirement had been more fun packed than restful; he was a massive character who at 25 years old was still, until very recently, the life and soul of his group. Snodgrass had so many adventures here it’s hard to know which to mention…. there’s the time he got himself wedged on his back between the muck heap and a fence, we frantically dug him out with the tractor, vet on standby predicted serious problems, once free he simply walked away covered from head to hoof in muck with the air of a conquering hero and not so much as a limp or a scratch! Famous for having his own hareem of lovely mares, Snoddy never took kindly to male interlopers so when Piglet the one-eyed Shetland was a recently rescued rig, trouble brewed…. Pig hatched a WW2 style escape from his paddock and got in to the big field with Snod and his ladies. Snoddy proceeded to ruin Pig’s pretty lame flirtation efforts by simply picking him up with his mouth and putting him down away from the girls. Pig, being indestructible was fine although his dignity took a knock!

Snodgrass was also a TV star having nicked the spotlight from his chums in a TV series about GMP’s Mounted Section filmed in 2008, a year before he retired to us, He didn’t come in often for visitors, he preferred running free and who can blame him! Such a striking and instantly recognisable face that made us smile for 7 years. In the end all that work on roads took its toll and we could no longer manage his foot and leg pain so it was time for us to give him carrots and kisses and say goodbye. We’ll never forget you, your scrumptious face or your hilarious ways! We know that we aren’t alone in shedding some tears and that our friends in Greater Manchester will be shedding a few with us and no doubt, swapping Snodgrass stories! Night night big fella, we know you’ll soon find some gorgeous girls wherever you are!

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