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Lochnagar in the wars

Lochnagar has been in the wars this week; he’s managed somehow to sustain some pretty nasty injuries to his face.

Lochnagar in the warsWe are not sure of the cause of his accident, but he managed to give us a pretty big scare when we found him with his eye completely swollen and closed and his forehead bleeding. As you can see his head is stitched up and the swelling around his eye is going down, he can actually open it a little now, however we can’t know yet whether he has any permanent damage to the vision in that eye. While he recuperates, three times services cup champion Loccy is in a small paddock with just gentle old Sam Slick to keep him company. He is getting daily check-ups, as we are anxiously waiting to find out the extent of the eye injury. For now, he is happily grazing and doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort.

Horses are herd animals that much prefer to live in groups with other horses, however sometimes living in a herd can come with a bit of argy-bargey over who’s boss and that is still preferable for them to being kept separately. This may have been the case here, or frankly, he could well have just done it himself in a klutzy moment, we’ll never know. There is something about Loccy and his face, whilst still in the army, Loccy managed to get his face tangled during an argument he had with a horse walker, whatever is it with him, it’s always the face! We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as we know more about that eye. Poor boy!

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