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Sad Farewell – Harlequin

Handsome Harlequin of the Met Police suddenly became very ill in January. After trying everything we could, we had to make the decision to say goodbye.

Sad farewell to HarlequinHarly was an all-round superstar and had already survived the emergency removal or a strangulated lipoma along with ten feet of gut. He always seemed to bounce back with whatever hit him, with the help of his devoted groom Charlotte, and so earned the nickname of Lazarus with the vets. Sadly this time it was just too much for him.

He had just turned 20 years old and retired to us at The Home of Rest for Horses after 10 years of service with the Metropolitan Police. His gentle nature made him perfect for teaching recruits to ride at the Imber Court training centre; he shook a few riders loose in his time but all in the name of education! By far Harlequin’s most impressive job was to lead the world famous Metropolitan Mounted Police Activity Ride. This role saw him jumping through the paper “wall” as the show’s finale, complete with fireworks going off around him! Ever the showman he even got a formal retirement ceremony centre stage at Olympia! Such a favourite here and with his police riders, often senior officers, we were dreadfully sad to see him go but at least his pain is now over.

We have no doubt he’s impressing everyone wherever he is now with his theatrical stunts! Night night Harlequin, you were a gorgeous gentleman, a real softy and you certainly had the X Factor, we will miss you.

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