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Sudden loss of Olaf shocks all

Sudden Loss Shocks All

Rest in Peace Olaf …

On the 17th June 2015, one year old Olaf passed away at the Royal Veterinary College. He had become poorly with a variety of symptoms and was under the vet when he suffered a massive seizure. He was rushed to hospital and made it through the night but then in the morning had another seizure and passed away. This stunning little boy came to us with his mum Elsa after being rescued from a fly grazed field in Leighton Buzzard. He was very sickly on arrival, only six months old, very thin and absolutely riddled with a variety of internal parasites. Even though he was old enough to be weaned, he was so nervy and so attached to his mum that we decided to bring them here together.

After battling discouraging blood tests for months and having to stay indoors in the barn with a variety of helpful baby sitters like Teddy, Jenga and Lochnagar, Olaf turned a corner and became a happy healthy colt who loved running around out in the fields with the other youngsters. His confidence with people was coming on leaps and bounds recently and everyone here is absolutely devastated that he has been so suddenly taken. We are having tests done to help us and the vets understand what happened to him but right now we simply don’t know the cause of his collection of symptoms and sudden tragic loss. We thought he was through the bad times with a bright future ahead of him; it has rocked everyone here. Night night little boy, you may not have had a long life and you had a very bad start but you finished on a great high, happily playing with your friends and enjoying life here to the full.

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