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Modern day Black Beauty, Duke

Modern day Black Beauty receives smart new saddle!

Spindles farm survivor and modern day Black Beauty Duke had a visit from our saddler recently. Duke received his new saddle back in May 2015, which was supplied by the lovely Matthew Crippen. He came to The Horse Trust today for a routine visit to make sure Dukes saddle was still fitting correctly.

Matthew starts by examining the overall fit of the saddle, as well as making sure it is well balanced along his spine. Jane then hops on board to make sure it fits whilst Duke is being exercised. Jane and Duke are hoping to show off this new saddle soon, as they are eager to enter some local competitions this year. We are so proud that this duo can represent The Horse Trust as Duke has had an especially tough time over the past few years.

Duke had only just recovered from his ordeal at Spindles Farm when he was diagnosed with Sarcoids around his eye. This caused extreme irritation and painful swellings and Duke had to travel over 200 miles to the University of Liverpool’s Equine Hospital for specialist treatment to remove them. Thankfully Duke’s treatment was successful but he has since suffered recurring bouts of colic culminating in life saving surgery performed at The Royal Veterinary College.

Everyone here are immensely proud of this gorgeous horse that has come such a long way since he was rescued from the horrific conditions of Spindles Farm in 2008.

The Horse Trust would like to take the time to thank Matthew Crippen for all his continuing help and support. Matt’s professional and personal attitude will mean that both you and your horse will always receive a five star treatment. Matt is also involved in fitting our tack for the horses that will be available for rehoming in the near future. Please take the time to visit his website and Facebook page.


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