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Simple But Important Steps To Help Biosecurity

Uncle George here! I have a very important announcement to avoid any potential mishaps!

Thankfully we managed to stay on track and open our gates to our lovely visitors at the star of the month.

However, due to the outbreak of Equine Influenza we might have to change plans at any time so it’s very very very important to check our website before leaving home.

I must ask you, as being the eldest, wisest and most responsible equine here by a jolly long chalk, that when visiting us you be prepared to do your bit to keep us oldies and the horses and ponies you might own, ride or simply stroke whilst walking the family pooch, safe, and follow our simple precautions.

We are asking everyone who has had any contact with horses to use sanitizing hand gel and if you are wearing the same boots as you saw other horses in we will ask you to use a foot dip on the way in as well. It would really be best if you got changed completely before visiting us.

Importantly, if you are seeing other horses after us then you should take the same steps on the way out. At 41 I’m not the only pony that’s too old to be dealing with flu, even with my vaccinations. To be honest, you should really all do these things between seeing different groups, fields or yards of horses every time, all the time.

Did you know that we are most likely to catch flu, strangles and equine herpes virus thanks to humans not washing their hands, disinfecting their boots or changing their clothes? Oh and did you also know that washing your hands properly with warm water and soap should take at least as long as singing “Happy Birthday”?

Now you all know me very well and when it comes to looking after all those other horses, ponies and donkeys here, there and everywhere, I won’t stand any nonsense. So spit spot, keep it clean and let’s all start getting into some sensible new habits.

Thank you everyone, your cooperation will be very much appreciated by us and all of the other horses and ponies in your lives. Uncle George, over and out! Gx

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