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RIP Talavera

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the sad passing of our much-loved resident, Talavera at the grand age of 31.

Talavera (stable name Pip) retired to us in April 2018 after a magnificent 16 years serving The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards as a ceremonial drum horse and was one of ten official Regimental Mascots of the British Army. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (SCOTS DG) is a cavalry regiment of The British Army, and the senior Scottish regiment. Prior to her time with SCOTS DG, Talavera underwent training with The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. Upon completion of her training, she was honoured to be presented to the Regiment by Her Majesty The Queen at a parade in London.

Earlier this year Talavera sadly suffered a serious bout of lymphangitis in one of her back legs. Lymphangitis is a serious condition caused by a bacterial infection of the lymphatic system. The underlying cause was found to be a piece of infected bone. Talavera was being lovingly managed by the team and was in the company of her best friend Polly to help her remain as comfortable as possible. Sadly, although it appeared that the treatment was working, the infection recently flared up. In addition to this, Talavera then developed severe colic. It was a heart-breaking decision to make but it was with an incredibly heavy heart that we decided the kindest thing to do for our beautiful black beauty, was to say goodnight to her one final time.

During her working career, Talavera carried out ceremonial duties including representing the regiment and The British Army to the wider public. Talavera was a well-travelled lady, with her regiment being posted to Bad Fallingbostel in Germany, a place where she spent most of her military career. In 2015 Talavera returned with her regiment to Scotland and moved to Leuchars where she remained before making the journey to us in rural Buckinghamshire. Whilst at Leuchars, Talavera was once again reunited with Her Majesty The Queen during her visit to the Fide base in 2015. A photo of Talavera slobbering on Her Majesty made the front page of The Daily Telegraph the following day!

We are incredibly thankful to have been able to provide three and a half years of retirement to this stunning mare who throughout her time with us has provided so much love and joy. Standing at 18hh, Talavera was a true gentle giant and a much-loved member of The Horse Trust family. Talavera’s profile featured in a book titled ‘Scotland’s Animal Superstars’ and a superstar is certainly what she was. Sleep tight Talavera, we already miss you so dearly but we know you are galloping free over the rainbow bridge to former friends and colleagues. RIP our beautiful girl.

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