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Rescued mare, Polly, continues to improve

Polly, one of the mares found abandoned in a corn field in Buckinghamshire in February, has continued to show signs of improvement at The Horse Trust.

Polly has settled in well to her new home in the Special Care Unit on the main yard. She likes watching the world go by from her stable, and will whinny at anybody passing by, whether horse or human. She is now allowed three hours a day of grazing time, which she thoroughly enjoys, and often has a little trot or a small buck when she is turned out in the morning. She is  currently turned out in a small paddock on her own, but has Teddy and Shetlands, Bob, Rosie, Piglet and Dougal, in the next door field to keep her company.

Polly is steadily putting on weight each week and continues to make good progress. She has recently had all her feet trimmed by The Horse Trust’s farrier as one of her hind hooves had a worrying crack in it. We have had to wait to trim her feet until her condition improved and she was strong enough to stand on three legs whilst the farrier trimmed the fourth foot. The farrier thinks that the crack stems from a hoof infection that she may have had some time ago but now it has been treated, her foot should grow normally. She behaved perfectly for the farrier, showing that perhaps at one time she was well handled and cared for.

Polly was wormed for the second time a few days ago, as often one de-worming treatment often isn’t enough to treat severe parasite infections. Polly has so far shown no signs of a bad reaction to the de-worming drug although she still has to be closely monitored for signs of serious adverse side effects, which can appear quite a few days later. The Horse Trust’s vet is pleased with Polly’s progress and thinks that her body can now cope with an increase of hay and feed.

As well as problems with her feet and an internal parasite infection, Polly has also suffered from  dermatitis, which has resulted in her losing some of the hair on her face and body. However, her summer coat is starting to come through so it shouldn’t be long before the bald patches are covered up.

Polly has really started to show her character recently and has captured the hearts of all the staff at The Horse Trust. Hopefully, she will continue to improve and we will be able to be turn her out with some friends soon.

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