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Rescue horse Duke prepares for first competition this year

Thoroughbred gelding Duke who was rescued from Spindles Farm in 2008 has been working hard with his trainer Jane as they prepare for their first competition of the year.

Duke won his first ever dressage competition last year and went on to compete in show-jumping as well. Following his success, Jane is hopeful Duke will go from strength to strength this year.

This magnificent horse has come a very long way since he was rescued from the horrors of Spindles Farm in Amersham in 2008. When he was rescued he was just 2 years old, and like most of the animals rescued, Duke was very sick, emaciated and suffering from life-threatening infections.

After intensive veterinary treatment and care, Duke slowly began to recover, but sadly he developed Sarcoids on his left eye and had to undergo specialist treatment at the University of Liverpool’s Equine Hospital. His treatment was successful but Duke went on to suffer recurring bouts of colic and needed life-saving surgery at the Royal Veterinary College.

Seeing Duke today, as he learns and excels with Jane, is a true delight and a pleasure for us all.

If you would like to help us continue to pay for Dukes care, as well as the care of all of our rescued and retired horses, ponies and donkeys, please donate today.

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