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One Year on for Seren

The 22 July 2021 marks one year on since the beautiful Seren came to us with mother Bronwen, after being rescued in Swansea, amidst the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bronwen and Seren were found abandoned in truly heart-breaking conditions; both were underweight, undernourished and had serious health conditions. You can read the full story of their rescue and watch the accompanying video here.

Seren upon arrival in July 2020In what was a heart-breaking turn of events, in March 2021, eight months on from their rescue, we tragically lost Bronwen from suspected ragwort poisoning ingested prior to her arrival with us. We can only assume this occurred when she was desperately trying to acquire enough food to keep both her and her foal, Seren alive.

Today, one year on, we are delighted to say that Seren is fighting fit and living her best life with us. We miss Bronwen terribly but little Seren (who is growing day by day!), is continuing her legacy and we see much of Bronwen’s caring and gentle nature developing in Seren too.

Seren meeting DobbyCurrently she is undergoing lots of training with our Knowledge and Skills team so that she can meet the farrier, the vet and hopefully move into a new field with fellow rescue pony Dobby, who came to us earlier this year. Seren and Dobby are currently in neighbouring fields and can therefore meet each other and get to know each other through the fence before they are moved in together. We hope that these two who came to us as foals with incredibly moving backgrounds will become friends and continue to flourish together.

Seren having a lie-inSeren’s character has been evolving as she grows up and she has quickly become a favourite within the team, showing her somewhat cheeky nature. She’s quite a laid-back character and often has to be woken up in the mornings for her training as she is seemingly a fan of a lie-in!

For Seren’s one year anniversary with us, or her ‘Gotcha Day’ – we’re asking our supporters if they would be so generous as to donate a gift off Seren’s Wish List. You can view Seren’s list here.

As always we are incredibly grateful for all your support – Bronwen and Seren have received so much love and kindness and it is for that reason, along with the care and commitment by our team at The Horse Trust that Seren is thriving in her new life with us, one year on from her rescue.

Seren's Wish List

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  1. Oh my word Seren you are a little beauty, must come to see you soon. Bronwen what a star 🌟 you were to get Seren through such an unbelievable ordeal but am heartbroken as a mum myself, that you had to ultimately leave your baby and move on, utterly heartbreaking, to be saved and then lost again is truly unimaginable.

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