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Heart-breaking loss so close to Christmas – Rest in peace Warwick

Our gentle giant Warwick had been doing well in hospital and looked all set to come home in time for Christmas but tragically his fever spiked and he had a massive bleed from his lung.

Warwick says his last goodbyeThe vets and nurses did absolutely everything they could but in the small hours of the morning on the 21st December, we had to make the dreadfully sad decision to put him to sleep and end his suffering. Wozza had won so many hearts here and during his service with Greater Manchester Police. This one tonne Shire cross super star was so placid and gentle that all our visitors, especially children, completely adored him and he had fans and sponsors all over the world. We are devastated to lose such a wonderful boy at only 12 years old. We all know that everyone did their very best to bring him through and the team at the RVC who worked brilliantly with him, were deeply saddened by his loss. He was a giant of a horse in every way, in his kind character as well as his size, everyone here is deeply shocked and upset to lose him, no-one more so than our Head Groom Angie who looked after him and had a very special bond with him. We are unbearably sad to lose him so young. All we can hope is that Charlie Dickens is waiting for Warwick, and at least he is now free from pain.


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