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The Horse Trust Loses a Legend – Sevastopol

Sevvy our hilarious, grubby, utter genius of a former Blues and Royals Trumpet Horse, Sevastopol, had to be put to sleep in December 2015.

This is one of the hardest of these posts to write, there’s just too much to say about this amazing character, so many happy memories after 5 years with us, including a star turn at Olympia for us, and tears flowing as we face that he has finally gone. This 16hh firecracker had an outstanding army career, not only on parade but also as a competition horse with rider David Boyd. On retiring after 14 years’ service and having earned a reputation as the dirtiest horse in the British Army, Sevastopol went to a private owner. John Hopkins was devoted to him and when John died, Sevvy and two thirds of his entire state came to us at The Horse Trust. This amazing legacy not only covered Sevvy’s care, including a lifesaving operation a few years back, it also paid for our new stables, sand school, walker, isolation unit, special care and vet clinic.

Sevastopol’s stars seemed to have aligned recently, almost it seems in readiness to say goodbye. He’d reached 30 years old, been present for his former owner’s memorial, saw his old Cheltenham buddies again, been reunited with his rider David only two weeks ago and recently being as happy and healthy as we’ve ever known him. He’d even made the national press after we won a protracted legal battle over John’s legacy. It was as if for Sevvy the job was now finally done and he could leave with his muddy head held high. He suddenly became very ill and knowing he had many internal melanomas, it was likely one had begun to press on an internal organ and so we said farewell to our gorgeous grubster. If Sevvy has any say, whilst we are devastated to lose him, especially his devoted groom Claire; and we know his many sponsors and other fans will be too, he’ll be busy rolling in a stinky mud puddle in the sky, reunited with his former owner and generally having a ball. Goodnight Sevastopol, you have left broken hearts and many tears behind, but wow, what an amazing life you had! You were a total legend here and in the Household Cavalry and you’ll certainly go down in Horse Trust History.

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