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Auriol in field

Goodnight Auriol

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our incredibly loving former Household Cavalry resident, Auriol.

We were extremely honoured to retire Auriol to us in 2011, following his service in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. During his time of service, he participated in many high profile ceremonial occasions including State Visits and Trooping the Colour. Auriol was also part of the famous Musical Ride, which took him to many exotic locations around the world. For his final duty as a working horse, he participated in The Horse Trust’s special 125th Anniversary Parade.

Whilst at The Horse Trust, Auriol enjoyed a restful and happy retirement with us. He was much loved by the grooms and became well known for his extremely cheeky yet loving personality. A particular fan of field change days, Auriol was often the first to the gate ready to gallop to pastures new. During his time here, he formed a very special bond with former Greater Manchester Police horse Fairfax which was so heart-warming to witness. These fast friends were inseparable and remained at each other’s side until Fairfax’s passing.

Sadly, Auriol had suffered with arthritis for some time and our vet tried several different combinations of pain killers to help him continue to live a happy and peaceful life. We were so pleased that we managed to get his pain under control and that he had returned to enjoying his time with his friends and the grooms. Though we remained optimistic, our team was left devastated after he developed severe colic that would have required surgery. Given his other conditions, it was felt that surgery would not be in his best interest and therefore that the kindest thing to do for him was to say goodbye.

Auriol, words simply can’t describe how heartbroken we are to say farewell to you dear friend. You have touched the lives of all who knew you, both in your career and in your retirement. Accepting you are no longer with us is so incredibly difficult but we know you lived your life to the fullest and that you are now pain free galloping over the rainbow bridge with Fairfax. It has been both a joy and an honour to serve you after your years of dedicated service. Rest in peace Auriol, you will be sorely missed.

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  1. Auriol
    A soldier, gentleman & legend with tramendous courage & dedication to protect his country.


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