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Welcome, Elswick

We are delighted to announce the arrival of former Lancashire Police horse, Elswick. After a fantastic 13 year long career serving the Lancashire area, he has arrived for a well-deserved rest and to become a new member of our lovely herd.

Elswick, also known as Sam, served with the Lancashire Police Constabulary in all areas of police work and was involved in many events. Being a very brave horse, he worked at a lot of football matches, such as Blackpool Homecoming 2010 and Burnley FC Homecoming parade, where he bravely led the coaches through the crowds and kept everything under control. He also worked on many high-profile protests and marches and assisted other police forces where needed and was also part of musical rides and riding courses.

Elswick was a very trusting horse and was often everyone’s first horse when they joined the branch, so that he could show them the ropes and give them confidence.

After serving and protecting Lancashire for 13 years, it was decided to retire Elswick as his heart wasn’t performing quite as it should have, and he could do with resting up.

We introduced Elswick to the herd at The Horse Trust, and he is now making friends in the field and settling into his retirement nicely. We hope he loves his new home and enjoys getting pampered as much as we will enjoy spoiling him!

Click here to find out more information on Elswick’s profile page or to see more photos of Elswick on our Facebook page

Without amazing supporters like you, we wouldn’t be able to give horses like Elswick their well-deserved retirement. Consider donating today so we can continue to support and care for all the horses, ponies and donkeys in our care and those that are to come.


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