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Gladys, Lola and Nora assist with the donkey training for staff

Staff at The Horse Trust have recently attended a one day training course run by The Donkey Sanctuary. This course combines the latest knowledge about caring for donkeys with practical hands on experience.

Donkey sanctuary training course for Horse Trust staffDonkeys are not small horses with big ears so even for those with experience in caring for horses, there is much to learn about the differences between donkeys and horses and the course is always an eye-opener!

This is the first of 6 courses run by The Donkey Sanctuary.  The first 2 stages are compulsory for anyone adopting a donkey from The Donkey Sanctuary.

As The Horse Trust have a selection of their own donkeys, including one on loan from The Donkey Sanctuary, we were able to hold the course here on site. Six of our staff attended this first stage, learning about stable and pasture management, signs of ill health, feeding, grooming & handling.  The second stage is due to be held here in November.

The Welfare and Training Officer at The Horse Trust Charlotte Launder commented ‘The course was very informative and enjoyable for everyone who attended. The information we all gained from the course will feed into the way we care for and manage our donkeys to make their lives as enriching as possible. Thank you very much to The Donkey Sanctuary for providing this training’.

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