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Micro-chipping Awareness

This month we spent some time making sure all our horses are microchipped. This simple procedure ensures that all our horses easily identifiable, should they be lost or stolen.

Horse microchipping is essential to make horses easily identifiableFirst the horse is scanned to check that it does not have an existing microchip. The small microchip is injected into the left side of the neck much the same as a normal injection, and by law, this must be done by a veterinary surgeon. The microchip is scanned to confirm that it is fully functional and entered into the horse’s passport and registered correctly.

At The Horse Trust we believe that all horses, regardless their age should be micro chipped and properly registered, and we are pushing for this to become law. Without all horses being properly identifiable, not only can they not be reunited with loving owners but crucially, irresponsible owners cannot be identified and held to account for their treatment of animals registered to them.

If your horse, pony or donkey isn’t micro chipped because the law doesn’t insist on it above a certain age as of yet, then please have it done anyway; it’s the responsible thing to do.

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