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Former Resident Shines at London Riding Horse Parade and Horse Show

On the 21st October 2012 one of our lovely former residents, Hagrid, took part in the London Riding Horse Parade and Horse Show, in London’s Hyde Park. Hagrid had a long career as a wheeler in a team of six horses serving in The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery. He retired to The Horse Trust as his arthritis meant that he could no longer continue serving in the military. However, after being rested at the Home of Rest for a short while we found that Hagrid was capable of light ridden work and he now lives with Angela, one of our grooms at The Horse Trust.

The Parade’s judges and vets assess the health, well-being, turnout, condition and the feet of the horses taking part. Hagrid scored a fantastic 93 out of 100 in his overall assessment. He also placed 6th in the Veteran Class and 4th in the Novelty Fun Class, in which the judges choose the horse they would most like to ride around Hyde Park.

Hagrid’s former rider was attending as a farrier judge at the Parade and could not believe how well Hagrid looked. He also joked at how well behaved he was, as Hagrid was known amongst The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery for being slightly mischievous.

Also at the Parade was one of our other former residents, Disney.  Disney had come such a long way since being at Spindles Farm, Amersham. He arrived at the Trust in 2008 along with 13 of the sickest horses, ponies and donkeys. The conditions they were found in were truly appalling. When he arrived at the Trust he was very ill and painfully thin. However after two years of specialist treatment and lots of TLC Disney made a full recovery. Disney was loaned by The Horse Trust in August 2010 to The Horse Rangers Association, a charity which helps young people to learn how to ride and care for horses. Disney placed 3rd in the Riding School Class and is very happy in his new home. We couldn’t be happier for two of our beloved former residents.

It costs £12 a day to care for each of the retired and rescued horses, ponies and donkeys at The Horse Trust. Please donate today to help give horses and ponies like Hagrid and Disney a happy and secure future.

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