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Braving a 237 mile Bike Ride from London to Paris to raise money for The Horse Trust

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. Here at The Horse Trust, we are always so grateful when people go above and beyond to raise money for us. Meet Susan Smith, a volunteer who is braving a 237 mile bike ride to raise money for all our residents here at The Horse Trust.  In her own words, here is her story.

Although I have always loved horses, my commitment was enhanced by the stubborn mare pictured here. That same year, my daughter, Gemma, took me to visit The Horses Trust on their open day ‘Horses, Hounds and Heroes’ I was totally amazed by all the spectacles including The Metropolitan Police Activity Ride when they jumped through fire. Why had I never heard of this place before??

I met the famous Teddy, although he did sleep all day, the gorgeous Warwick, who is no longer with them as well as many of the residents who are loved and cared for in such fabulous surroundings and by caring, hardworking staff and volunteers. I have always contributed to charities but have never committed to raise funds by myself.

So, 4 weeks before my 59th birthday and possibly 2 knee replacements in the very near future, I will cycle the 237 miles from London to Paris.

I will be driven on by all the stories, good and bad, happy and sad.  For the hard working retired horses and the rescued residents at The Horse Trust.

We wish Susan the best of luck in her journey and the horses are very grateful for your contribution. If you want to support her, why not donate through her Just Giving Page here.

Susan is just £100 away from her £700 target, so please give as much as you can to help smash her target and give her the motivation she needs to bike a gruelling 237 miles.

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