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Thank you Louis for your fundraising efforts!

All team here at The Horse Trust would like to say a massive thanks to Louis Cooke for all his fundraising efforts. Louis visited The Horse Trust a few months ago and was inspired to raise money for our charity.

Louis Cooke on his favourite pony, ScoobyAt our Home of Rest for Horses in Buckinghamshire we specialise in providing retirement and respite for working horses that have served our nation in the police or military. We also provide retirement for ponies who have worked with charities that improve the lives of disabled or disadvantaged children by giving them the chance to ride or care for these wonderful animals. Because of the facilities we have here, we are also able to provide sanctuary to some of the worst cases of cruelty or neglect – horses, ponies and donkeys that are in desperate need of specialist care.

Louis got all his friends and family involved and held events such as sweet hunts and auctions and even sold his mums plant pot to reach the final total of £32.55, (sorry mum we hope you are not too mad!)

It really is quite expensive feeding our horses as well as all the shoes and rugs they need not to mention the vet’s bills so we really do appreciate every penny that Louis has raised for us.Scooby Working

He came to visit us in person to hand over the money, and told us that Scooby retired Riding for the Disabled Association pony was his favourite. Scooby is a Shetland X New Forest piebald gelding, has worked at the New Yatt Riding for the Disabled Association (NYRDA) in North Leigh, West Oxfordshire since 1994. For nearly two decades he gave riding sessions to children with physical and learning disabilities. When children moved on to bigger horses they continued to help care for him whilst learning about stable management. With that, we went over to see him so we could snap a ‘selfie’ with Louis and his favourite resident here as a thank you!

Thanks for all your hard work Louis, I am sure Scooby and all the other residents here at The Horse Trust appreciate it. We hope to see you again soon!

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