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Hat Hair, Don’t Care!

They may not be the latest fashion accessory, but they are there to keep you safe. Forget about hat hair! Recent news articles from many event riders have urged people to make sure owners wear riding hats not just when…

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Nancy, Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight Nancy

We lost our beloved Nancy this October at the age of 28. Nancy retired to The Horse Trust in July 2012 after 19 faultless years with the Horse Rangers. This pretty roan mare taught hundreds of children to ride during…

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Trading in traffic for equine training

The Horse Trust recently ran the first two pilot courses for Highways England  which was an extreme success. Horses loose on road networks are a dangerous prospect, both for public safety and equine welfare so these courses hope to improve…

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One Good Turn Deserves Another

Here we have double trouble that is Mr Jon Taylor and our resident Gawain. Sergeant Jon Taylor gave 32 years combined service in the Police and Military. During his service in the Metropolitan Police Mounted Regiment, gorgeous Gawain was issued…

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Miracles for Rescue Resident Maggie

Miracles are incredible when they happen. Today marks a very proud day for all the team here at The Horse Trust. Our gorgeous rescue resident Maggie has successfully been rehomed. This really is a happy ending to what was a…

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Sleep now Zulu, your service is done

After such a wonderful week of celebrating 130 years of caring for working horses, we have some dreadfully sad news to share. One of our visitor's favourites and all round big softie, Zulu, died in the night a few days…

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SEBO Winner Announced

High Wycombe-based SEBO, the vacuum cleaner specialist, supported The Horse Trust’s successful Horse, Hounds & Heroes event by donating a SEBO E1 Pet vacuum cleaner. Amy Twomey (pictured) was the lucky winner who walked away a proud owner of a…

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