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Under the Skin: links between skin disease and behavior issues in the horse

Join us on Wednesday 20th September for the second of our new health and behaviour webinars. This time, Dr Amber Batson MRCVS will be discussing the links between skin disease and behavior issues in the horse.

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Amber will explore how the skin, as one of the largest organs in the equine body, can influence emotional responses, in part due to its direct links with the gut and immune system. Many skin diseases are associated with significant inflammation and intense itchiness, and Amber will explain how these can affect behavior. She will discuss important issues such as how we can recognise skin disease as a potential part of a behavior case, and what tools a vet might use to use to make a diagnosis or assess the relevance of skin disease to a case. At the end of the webinar, Amber will present case studies involving horses with skin disease.

Date: Wednesday 20th September

Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm, including Q&A

Cost: £10

If you can’t attend live, the webinar will be recorded and delegates will have 3 months to watch the recording.

About Amber

Dr Amber Batson MRCVS qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999, and has worked in clinical vet practice ever since. Within her first year in practice, she developed a desire to understand animal behaviour in more detail and began undertaking a variety of courses so she could incorporate behaviour in her day-to-day veterinary work and offer behaviour consultations.

In 2007, Amber set up her business Understand Animals, with the intention to improve the understanding and practical application of behaviour knowledge for all those involved in animal care from legal guardians, to rescue workers, trainers, behaviourists and those in the veterinary community. Today, Amber provides education on dog, cat and equine behaviour worldwide as well as continuing to work as a vet and behaviourist and as a legal expert witness in animal welfare cases.

About our Webinars

The aim of these webinars is to provide student, trainee and registered Clinical Animal Behaviourists with evidence-based CPD to develop their understanding of specific medical conditions and how they can impact on the horse’s behaviour, both in terms of the direct physical/behavioural impact, but also how having the condition can affect other areas of the horse’s life.

These webinars may also be useful to other equine professionals, and anyone with an interest in equine behaviour.

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